FairTax -- apology

Woodchuck djv at bedford.net
Thu Apr 10 20:50:51 PDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Russell Turpin wrote:

> I wish I knew what to make of the news. If Tom
> DeLay's support is really going to get this bill to
> the point where it receives significant legislative
> attention, that's great news. Practically, anything
> that gets rid of the income tax would be a great
> thing, even if it needs some tuning later. If his
> support is more in the way of politics, the news is
> not quite as exciting. Keep us alerted, Jeff.

It has not yet been referred to committee.  This is not a
kiss of death, but it is not exactly on a fast track, unlike
more needed legislation like the Patriot Act and relief for
the dental floss ranchers and subsidies for inefficient steel

I would say that chances for any sort of significant tax reform
is zero... there's a war on.  This is post 9/11.  We have to all
grin and bear it.  Criticism of the income tax is unAmerican...

   "If troops are attacking cities, their strength will be exhausted."
                               -- Sun Tzu

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