Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

Joseph S Barrera III joe at
Thu Apr 10 22:43:27 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone wrote:
> BTW, I think this small fact has been lost in the shuffle, but I 
> initially attempted to plonk off-list.  Our good buddy "Woody" dragged 
> it back over here, for reasons that are, frankly, rather unclear to me. 
> But again, whatever.

Oh, it sure wasn't lost on me.
This creature came running to the list, with private correspondence
in hand, practically begging for sympathy against mean old jb.

But then again, I guess I'm in charge of the "consensus cluster"
that you so slavishly follow. 'Cause I don't know who else even
falls into the so-called "consensus cluster".

- Joe

P.S. Jeff, you SAVAGE you.

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