What demand for US engineering liaisons to China or SE asia?

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 11 16:57:26 PDT 2003

Whenever I hear 'scare' news such as the recent
brouhaha over SARS, I wonder if there are
companies looking to hire outside contractors
for engineering work in the "danger zones," or
to act as liaisons to work done there. The idea
is (a) that the fear is greater than the actual
risk, (b) US companies tend to be risk-averse
with their own employees, due to litigation,
morale, and PR issues, (c) outsourcing this
work provides companies a way to manage these
risks, and (d) the work likely is to be short
duration, high dollar, and involve travel to
distant shores, i.e., just the kind I like. I
tried to get one client to send me to their
customer sites in Saudi Arabia last year, but
that didn't work out.

So here's the question: how does one ferret
out this kind of client? Where does one look
for contracts to China, reconstruction Iraq,

Maybe this niche is just a figment of my
imagination, since engineers over there are
cheaper than engineers here, or where US
liaisons are required, this is available only
to those who speak Mandarin, Kurdish, or
Farsi. (Why oh why did I take the easy out in
college, and study Spanish?) But if anyone
knows of any possibilities ..

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