[OB_WOODY] Whatever. Yawn. Don't read this.

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Fri Apr 11 17:45:34 PDT 2003

Yeah, I guess you really showed me, Woodchuck.  (BTW, found you in my 
junk folder.  Fun, fun.)

A few comments / corrections:  as for the HTML mail, yeah, I'm using 
Mail.app on a Mac, and somehow amidst upgrades and reconfigs and so 
forth, that got reset.  I prefer to send and receive plain text, but I 
think people who bitch about HTML mail should generally just get over 

Second bit:  I wasn't really aware that you were so unstable and 
unperceptive that you needed a fucking formal apology for my using a 
word in a manner you found inappropriate, but it took me several 
attempts to get you to recognize that I acknowledged your fucking 
correction.  Not "round two" at all, more like round five before my 
attempt to comply with your piddling semantic issue penetrated your 
haze of mental fog.

Third bit:  while you are correct that my "hir" ploy was primarily 
pretext to disconnect, the bottom line is that it quickly became clear 
that you had absolutely nothing instructive, insightful, novel, or 
interesting to contribute in a discussion of the FairTax.  You read my 
message and took it, apparently, as a direct assault on your personal 
value system.  Or something.  I don't have time for that, troll.

Fourth bit:  Private e-mail sent to you on list subjects isn't private? 
  Boy, I bet you have lots of friends, don't you Woody?  You're probably 
just a wonderful, wonderful person.  Clue:  private e-mail threads stay 
private.  It's called "netiquette."  Learn about it.  (Actually, I 
suspect you are a poorly socialized, pathetically lonely pursyn (or 
what the fuck ever) with raging psoriasis, halitosis, and every episode 
of The Next Generation on DVD.  But, I'm just speculating.)

Final bit:  I am NOT *proposing* anything at all!  I happen to think 
the FairTax proposal is the least of all possible evils that happen to 
have a significant probability of actually happening.  But you, Woody, 
came after me like this was my own baby.  Well, guess what?  I don't 
fucking really care how you feel about it!  I don't care enough about 
it to get all lathered up, not even for the purpose of playing 
cat-and-mouse games w/ somebody like you!  It's a reasonable proposal.  
Many reasonable proposals for tax reform have been proposed, but few 
have any shot at happening.  Regardless, this isn't my bit to defend.  
So fuck off and go back to whatever cave (list) you crawled out of.

I heard you're a defcon denizen.  Figures.

All I can say is, you certainly know how to make a good first (and 
last) impression.

Cheers, toots.


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