Digital Governance Confab coming up in Cambridge

Rohit Khare rohit at
Fri Apr 11 18:06:00 PDT 2003

Ever wonder where they present papers on public info systems like 
COPLINK, NYPD's crime tracking GIS? That and a very broad range of 
other papers, including one by our buddy Simson on opportunistic email 
encrypting proxies... see complete paper list at --RK


National Conference on Digital Governance

May 18-21, 2003

Boston, MA, USA

Multimedia pioneer Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT Media 
Lab, is scheduled to speak at dg.o2003.

Conference News
The National Science Foundation invites you to join dg.o2003, the 
national conference that brings together top computer science 
researchers, government agencies, policy specialists, experts in 
e-commerce, the software industry, and members of the public with the 
aim of developing online government systems of all types.

Accepted Research: You can see a complete list here of papers, posters 
and tech demos that have been accepted to the conference.

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