MS to ship free IM client SDKs

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Sat Apr 12 10:09:13 PDT 2003

It's entirely not useful by itself, but
it's really, really rewarding when you can
suck it into a BEA or Microsoft dev environment
and automtically just have it work for building
around the interfaces.  Sooner or later you get
tired of doing stuff by hand.

The theory is that eventually, all programmatic
access can be automated to Web sites instead of
picking apart the CGI interfaces or Web page
POSTs.  What the killer app for that hasn't
really been agreed upon yet.  Most likely it will
be some Fedex or JD Edwards logistics and supply
chain app.  The other most commonly cited is
content syndication, aggregation or distribution.

Me?  I think that there's a lot of desktop context
that's missing from most network apps we use
would be extremely enhanced if you could carefully 
share that context with select others without trust 
boundaries getting in the way.   I'm a big fan of 
desktop Web services which is mostly tying presence 
and connectivity state to individual apps and documents 
and wrapping access controls using buddy lists.


Dan Brickley wrote:
> That's what I've heard around W3C, although saying
> "Doubleyew Ess Dee Ehl" seems acceptable / common too.
> The thing I'm more curious about is, um, what do people
> actually use WSDL *for*. In real life...
> I'd have expected it to be used by web harveters to build
> directories of services that speak a certain interface, so
> I could do queries like 'find me printers (on this floor)' or
> 'find me services that can convert Arabic to English'. But that
> doesn't (from all I've seen) appear to be the major focus. I
> know it gets used for wrapper code generation. Anything else?
> Dan

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