[SPORK] Evil is Bipartisan

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Sun Apr 13 13:19:21 PDT 2003

Just to demonstrate that my chronic attacks against the Bush regime et.  
al. aren't in the service of some partisan Democratic agenda...  I'm an  
equal-opportunity bipartisan basher.  I *will* vote for whatever  
Democratic candidate is offered in 2004, since almost anything is  
preferable to what we've got.  The one notable exception to that rule  
is Sen. Joe Lieberman.  "Pray" (if that's what you do) that he doesn't  
get the Dem's nod...


Let's not forget that the some of the scarier elements of the  
"Democratic Party" and the "Republican Party" are closer together than  
one might believe just listening to the talking heads' jingofest.  In  
particular, let's not forget that Sen. Joe Lieberman is the worst of  
all possible worlds:  a big-gov't authoritarian with fiscal leftist  
leanings.  (Remember that this is the same part of the political  
compass occupied by such notables as Stalin and Hitler.)  He's an  
all-around nasty piece of work, as bad in his own way as Cheney or Bush  
or Ashcroft, as Armey or Barr or DeLay or Henry Hyde;  he's a central  
figure in the bipartisan Beltway Axis of Evil that brought us the DHS,  

"On June 6, 2002, President Bush announced a plan to create a new  
cabinet-level department of homeland security, and on June 24, 2002,  
Representative Armey introduced the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (H.R.  
5005). Senator Lieberman previously introduced a similar bill, the  
National Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism Act of 2002 (S.  
2452), which was marked up on May 22, 2002, in the Senate Committee on  
Governmental Affairs. "


Joe Lieberman Joins Big Brother:  The Return of the Thought Police.   
"By directing Americans to conduct illegal searches—searches the police  
would not have the authority to conduct without a warrant—on their  
fellow Americans, the U.S. Government is essentially turning the  
average citizen into an extension of the thought police."


Joe Lieberman:  the Yankee Tartuffe.  A Connecticut Yankee Of Sorts In  
The Bush King's Court, Joe Lieberman is the embodiment of classic  
literature's most infamous fraud, French playwright Moliere's TARTUFFE.  
A pious, mealy-mouthed man of the cloth, whose mock-faith, and rank  
hypocrisy conceals an enormity of sin, Joe Lieberman is a twenty-four  
carat charlatan. Hark the angels scorn...  "The Patriot Act" was  
conceived by Joe Lieberman.


Re: DHS domestic intel role:  "For the first time, we would create a  
new intelligence division focused on the threats to our homeland,  
equipped to truly connect the intelligence and law enforcement dots  
from Federal, State, and local agencies, from human and signal  
intelligence, from closed and open sources, from law enforcement and  
foreign sources, including particularly the Counterterrorism Center at  
the CIA," Sen. Lieberman said.


Full text of the Patriot Act II, co-authored by Lieberman, Aschcroft,  
and others.:





When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot  
or a right boot is of no consequence.

	-Gary Lloyd

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