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This is important enough IMHO to pass along w/o much comment or 

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> From: "Democrats.com" <activist at democrats.com>
> Date: Tue Apr 8, 2003  21:57:33 US/Central
> Subject: Stop Right-Wing Judges - Receive Free Alerts from NARAL 
> Pro-Choice America
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> April 8, 2003
> When anti-choice politicians took full control of Congress last 
> November with the help of the religious right, they declared that 
> restricting and outlawing abortion would be a top priority. Now they 
> are redeeming their promise to the religious right.
> Democrats.com believes it is urgent for the pro-choice majority to 
> speak up and protect our rights. We are therefore working in 
> partnership with NARAL Pro-Choice America to mobilize as many 
> activists as possible.
> CAN was formed to help millions of individual voices - like yours - 
> create one loud pro-choice voice that the politicians can't ignore. 
> Through CAN, you'll receive e-mail updates with fast, easy ways to 
> protect our right to choose at the national, state and local levels - 
> when your actions will have the greatest impact.
> We know there are many important battles to fight at this time. But we 
> can never sacrifice a woman's fundamental right to choose. See the 
> sample alert below from NARAL Pro-Choice America and sign up for CAN 
> today!
> Bob Fertik
> Democrats.com
> *** Sample Alert ***
> From: "NARAL Pro-Choice America" <can at ProChoiceAmerica.org>
> Subject: Bush Re-nominates Judge who was DEFEATED by the Senate 
> Judiciary Committee
> Please click here:
> http://prochoiceaction.org/campaign/noms_sen_0403
> to contact your Senators TODAY to oppose Priscilla Owen's 
> re-nomination to the federal court. Senate leaders could bring her 
> nomination to the floor for a vote at any time. We must stop Owen.
> President Bush is playing partisan politics with the Constitution and 
> our rights by re-nominating Priscilla Owen to the Fifth Circuit Court 
> of Appeals after she had already been defeated. The Senate Judiciary 
> Committee rejected Owen after a full and fair hearing last year. Last 
> week the Committee, now under anti-choice control, reversed course and 
> approved the Owen nomination, sending it to the floor in spite of its 
> earlier defeat.
> Priscilla Owen represents a direct threat to a women's right to 
> choose. Owen is a far right judicial activist who puts ideology above 
> the law. Her record clearly indicates that, given a lifetime 
> appointment to the Fifth Circuit, she would vote to restrict a woman's 
> freedom of choice and undermine Roe v. Wade.
> Priscilla Owen threatens other critical rights for women. As a Texas 
> Supreme Court judge, Owen tried to limit other rights important to 
> women, including employment non-discrimination, environmental health 
> and safety and consumer protections.
> Priscilla Owen's nomination is critical to conservative activists' 
> relentless effort to pack the courts with conservative ideologues. 
> Patrick Buchanan summed up the right-wing's plan: "[Our conservative 
> judicial appointment strategy] could do more to advance the social 
> agenda - school prayer, anti-pornography, anti-busing, right-to-life 
> and quotas in employment - than anything Congress can accomplish in 20 
> years."
> Please don't let Buchanan and Bush succeed in taking away our rights. 
> Stop Owen! Contact:
> http://prochoiceaction.org/campaign/noms_sen_0403
> your Senators today and ask them to reject Owen's nomination. To call 
> your Senators directly, dial 202-224-3121 for the Capitol Switchboard.


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