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Another one worth passing along...

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> Subject: Can Pot Doc Dad Beat Feds
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> A life member of the Libertarian Party needs your
> help in the form of a letter to your CongressCritter!
> Seventy years ago on April 7, alcohol prohibition
> unofficially ended when Congress once again
> allowed the brewing of beer. Prohibition was fully
> repealed with the ratification of the 21st amendment
> in December of 1933.
> The country had come to realize that prohibition
> corrupted cops and courts, criminalized youth,
> compromised the Constitution, created violent
> crime, cost enormous sums of tax money,  – and did not
> stop people from drinking. Libertarians recognize
> all of those tremendous negative costs to society
> resulting from alcohol prohibition are being
> repeated today by the new prohibition of the war on
> drugs.
> But even during the years of prohibition, alcohol
> was easily available for important medical
> purposes. Today, a much more benign substance, with
> even more medicinal qualities, is outlawed by the
> federal government for any purpose whatsoever.
> Despite the federal ban, 9 states have legalized the
> use of marijuana for serious diseases like
> cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and chronic
> pain.
> Brian Epis is a life member of the Libertarian
> Party.
> He is serving 10 years in prison for providing
> medical marijuana to patients in dire need. Federal
> time – so no chance for parole.
> His actions were legal under California law. But
> Brian’s attorney’s were not allowed by the
> federal judge to present any evidence that he grew
> marijuana for medical purposes, or that his actions
> were legal under state law.
> Brian was the first caregiver to be convicted in
> federal court in this manner.
> There will be many more – unless we take action
> to stop it.
> Brian wrote to me recently from prison, and asked
> me to ask you to help him go home to his family.
> The vision of Brian’s daughter Ashley shouting
> through a bullhorn at the building where he was
> jailed, “Daddy I love you” will haunt me until the
> day of Brian’s release.
> Brian has harmed no one. Indeed, he provided
> relief from pain and suffering. Shouldn’t Ashley be
> able to tell him “Daddy I love you” with her arms
> around his neck, instead of yelling it at the
> prison through a bullhorn?
> Please take just a few minutes to write Congress
> in support of a new bill that would allow medical
> marijuana providers to present evidence that
> their actions were legal under state law. Brian
> provides more information on the bill below.
> And can you also please go to:
> http://www.lp.org/contribute?prog=drugwarfocusstra&fund=2002-0030/
> and make a pledge or donation to support the
> Libertarian Party’s ongoing work to end the Drug War?
> Prohibition affects everyone, with more crime,
> higher taxes, and ever-increasing government
> intrusion on everybody’s liberties. Please help the LP
> end the nightmare of drug prohibition, and send
> peaceful people like Brian home to their families.
> Thank you.
> Ron Crickenberger
> Political Director
> Libertarian Party
> Here’s Brian’s letter:
> Dear Ron,
> Thank you for making sure that my LP mail is
> still getting to me here in prison. It really helps
> me to get by in here to have contact with you.
> As you know I was sentenced to 10 years for the
> “conspiracy of following California law.” I
> appreciate what the LP is doing to try and pressure
> Congress to listen to the 80% of Americans who
> believe that an adult should be able to use marijuana
> legally for medical purposes. They need to at
> least let the states run their own laws and allow
> state residents to follow the law without being
> incarcerated in federal prison.
> It was a message on your email list that brought
> me into the Libertarian Party. I’m hoping you’ll
> ask the supporters on the list to spend 5 minutes
> to write to their U.S. House representative at
> www.house.gov and ask him/her to support a new bill
> to be called the “Truth in Trials” act.
> Rep Sam Farr (D-Carmel), Lynn Woolsey
> (D-Petaluma) and Dana Rohrabacher (R- Huntington Beach),
> have agreed to introduce a bill that will allow
> medical cannabis patients and caregivers to present a
> defense in federal court that they were following
> state and/or local medical marijuana laws.
> Please spend another 5 minutes to write your two U.S.
> Senators urging them to introduce and/or support
> a similar bill in the Senate at www.senate.gov
> I was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for
> the "crime" of following California's medical
> marijuana law.  Ed Rosenthal was recently convicted
> at trial and faces 40 years in federal prison.
> We were unable to present a defense that we were
> following the laws of California and/or local
> laws.  If this bill is signed into law, we will get a
> new trial.
> I've included two sample letters, one for your
> U.S. House Rep. and one for your two US Senators.
> Please modify them so they don't get a bunch of
> the same exact letters.  Medical marijuana
> patients and caregivers should get a fair trial, where
> we can present evidence that we followed state
> law.  According to a CNN/Time poll, 87% of Americans
> support regulation by the states.  Please let
> Congress know you want them to listen to you.  Only
> with your help can this bill become law.  Please
> help me and my family, Ed Rosenthal and his
> family, as well as thousands of other patients and
> caregivers following state and/or local laws, who
> are rapidly being incarcerated in federal prison
> for at least 5 years and up to life.
> You can write me at:  Political Prisoner, Bryan
> Epis, 09636-097, FCI Lompoc, 3600 Guard Rd, Lompoc
> CA 93436.  I'll write back anyone who writes me.
> To read more about my case, please enter "Bryan
> Epis" on any search engine.  Thank you.
> {Note: In addition to Brian’s sample letters
> below, more sample letters and a free system to FAX
> your congressman are available from the Marijuana
> Policy Project at:
> http://www.mpp.org/USA/index.html
>      Sample letter for U.S. House representative:
> The Hon. (Insert name)
> Representatives Sam Farr, Lynn Woolsey and Dana
> Rohrabacher are introducing a bill called the
> "Truth in Trials” act that will allow a defense in
> federal court for patients and caregivers following
> state medical marijuana laws.  Please contact
> Rochelle Dornatt in the office of Representative Sam
> Farr at (202) 225-2861, to cosponsor and support
> this bill to show your respect for the will of
> the voters.
> Thank you,
> (Your name, address and phone #)
>      Sample letters for US Senators:
> The Hon. (Insert name)
> Representatives Sam Farr, Lynn Woolsey and Dana
> Rohrabacher
> are introducing a bill called the "Truth in
> Trials" act that will allow a defense in federal court
> for patients and caregivers following state
> medical marijuana laws.  I urge you to introduce
> and/or support a similar bill in the Senate. By doing
> so, you’ll be showing that you respect the wishes
> of voters. Please contact Rochelle Dornatt in the
> office of Representative Sam Farr at (202)
> 225-2861 for more information.
> Thank you.
>   (Your name, address and phone #)
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