fertile crescent [was: Looters Sack Baghdad Antiquities Museum]

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Apr 13 14:31:50 PDT 2003

Danny Ayers wrote:
> "Not all environmental damage will come from obvious sources, though.
> Convoys of heavy vehicles beating across the Iraqi desert will create their
> own damage. Much of the desert has a thin, brittle surface that protects it
> from erosion.
> Movement of heavy machinery breaks up this crust, uncovering sand that may
> gradually form moving sand dunes. These can persist for hundreds of years.
> Kuwaiti geomorphologists say the 1991 war unleashed dunes that may one day
> engulf Kuwait City."

That's pretty damn hilarious. If it werent' for
those tanks, there wouldn't be a Kuwait City that
could eventually be destroyed by eventual sand buildup.

Never mind that Saddam thought he was Nebuchandnezzar
himself, reincarnated to take his place as the most
powerful ruler of Syria, Palestine, Kuwait, and parts
of Iran and probably would have killed 100,000 times
more fragile top layer of sand than all the US forces
combined in both gulf wars.

What I always found funny is that documents seized after
the first gulf war and widely reported in the news
aren't considered evidence that Iraq been actively
engaging in building up a nuclear and biological
weapons program including the means to deliver them just.

That information seems to be in that black whole which is computer
history that isn't old enough to be put into textbooks
but not new enough to return results on the Web via Google.
Add to that, the X generation that would have been
inovled as consumers of that information numbers far
fewer than the others that would pay attention to such things.

Also, for this war, no matter that the Telegraph is
reporting that the Russian intelligence agencies 
warned Saddam as recently as March 12, 2002 that if
they "refused to comply with the United Nations then 
that would give the United States "a cause to destroy any 
nuclear weapons."


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