*oogle for your mailbox (was Re: NYTimes.com Article: In Searching the Web, Google Finds Riches

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Mon Apr 14 09:49:58 PDT 2003

On Monday, Apr 14, 2003, at 03:03 US/Central, Gordon Mohr wrote:

> Open source Zoe also aims to provide "Google for your email".
> See more at...
>    http://guests.evectors.it/zoe/

Is anybody on the list actually using Zoe on a regular basis?  I have 
tried it a couple of times, a few days each time, and have become 
annoyed with it each time --- it just doesn't feel fully cooked to me 
for various reasons.  It's a great idea though --- a more complete way 
to put it might be "it's something like the bastard offspring of 
Google, a blog, and Lifestreams."  NB:  it needs to be better 
integrated with a mail sending / replying mechanism...  I so rarely 
wish to simply browse / search my mail w/o sending that the context 
switch to send is a rather unacceptably high cost...

NB, another good example of the kinds of things you can do w/ (local) 
application-specific proxies...


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