[CORK-SPORK] WHUMP, Ken MacLeod, Wolfowitz, anarchy

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Mon Apr 14 13:40:38 PDT 2003

WHUMP's been posting bits about Ken MacLeod over on his blog, and I 
think some of it might be of general interest over here.  For the 
uninitiated, MacLeod writes big-picture transhuman sci-fi, sort of in 
the style of an I. Banks but with more of a 'tude.  His future 
societies often have interesting ideological / political contexts, and 
in particular he often points out that "anarchy" doesn't just mean 
crypto-anarchistic-capitalism.  (I.e., some of his future societies are 
divided into two anarchist camps, one with socialist leanings and one 
with capitalist leanings.  FWIW, historically this is pretty accurate 
--- anarchists were originally socialists, rather than good and 
wholesome extremist Libertarians. ;-)  (NB, OB_RECORD:  I fall into the 
latter camp, if you have to pigeonhole me.  And given that sci-fi is 
the blueprint for the future ;-) I'm rather distressed at the 
prevalence of socialism in e.g. Banks, MacLeod, etc.  Didn't we kill 
that meme already?)

Anyway, he suggested some similarities between Wolfowitz and a Ken 
MacLeod character, and this has been generating some interesting 
discussion.  Start here:



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