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A fwdd thread of some interest here....
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On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Nigel Ballard wrote:

> DALLAS and BELLEVUE, Wash.-April 14, 2003-Kinko's, Inc. and T-Mobile, USA
> Inc. today announced an agreement that will give Kinko'sR customers Wi-Fi
> (802.11b) high-speed wireless broadband Internet access through the T-Mobile
> HotSpotSM service. More than 1,000 Kinko's locations nationwide plan to
> offer the T-Mobile HotSpot service, with rollout starting in the fourth
> quarter of this year.

wow. thats going to explode the number of homes that are inadvertently
getting wifi access. a thousand homes will suddenly be within range of a
kinkos access point. maybe its a home that cant get internet access or
cant afford internet access.

say there are young hackers at some of these houses. it was a joke to
start recording account names and passwords for use at starbucks, but now
accounts on the tmoblie hotspot network have become more valuable.

the press release is all about their customers, but i think the inevitable
coverage outside the store will become important in unexpected ways.
kinkos could unknowingly help bridge the digital divide.


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