[METAFORK] The Fork Posting Classification Codes

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Mon Apr 14 15:30:55 PDT 2003

Its been a  few weeks since the call to classify post came down and I have
to say it working where its being used. Its certianly helped me to presort
fork somewhat even ona visual level. Googling fork also seems cooler witht
he tags. The more we use em, the more they can be used. So far here are
the break downs of the common tags used

Used Frequently
[SPORK] Social and Political items, rants, threads
[STORK] Software and Technology
[METAFORK] Internal Fork policy issues

Less used
[MORK]  Mirthfullness, jokes, funny hahah posts etc
[CORK]  Food, resteraunts, cooking, wine, brewing, etc
[DORK]  "...is so fsking lame."

Bearly if ever used
[ZORK]  Games, gaming, gamed
[YORK]  Youth culture
[WORK]  Employment opertunities wanted, offered, queries, general outlook
[PORK]  Sex and all its variences
[BORK]  Bearlyunderstandable (norquist, latenight whore, misc ramblings)
[XORK]  eXtropian rants

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