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Joseph S Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Mon Apr 14 15:51:56 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone wrote:
> NB:  you have to be running the Emacs operating system
 > for this to be a viable option.

Oh, yeah, well. What's funny is that as time goes by,
emacs looks slimmer and slimmer compared to some of the
IDEs that people insist on using. Everyone here at Nuasis
runs IntelliJ IDEA which thrashes impossibly on a 512MB box.
Meanwhile my xemacs runs in only (?) 10 or 20 MB.
I mean, hell, even my *cell phone* has 16 MB.

- Joe

P.S. It really is okay to strip out the cc's when replying
on the list.
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St. Bernadette in her vision, feels her body beyond control
The flowers of Narcissus are nailed to the underworld door
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