[METAFORK] The Fork Posting Classification Codes

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Mon Apr 14 16:33:07 PDT 2003

Look, it's really fn easy,
FoRK is 97% crap, 3% random gems.

Everyone knows random reinforcement is
the highest addiction.


Tom wrote:
> Its been a  few weeks since the call to classify post came down and I have
> to say it working where its being used. Its certianly helped me to presort
> fork somewhat even ona visual level. Googling fork also seems cooler witht
> he tags. The more we use em, the more they can be used. So far here are
> the break downs of the common tags used
> Used Frequently
> -------------------
> [SPORK] Social and Political items, rants, threads
> [STORK] Software and Technology
> [METAFORK] Internal Fork policy issues
> Less used
> -------------------
> [MORK]  Mirthfullness, jokes, funny hahah posts etc
> [CORK]  Food, resteraunts, cooking, wine, brewing, etc
> [DORK]  "...is so fsking lame."
> Bearly if ever used
> --------------------
> [ZORK]  Games, gaming, gamed
> [YORK]  Youth culture
> [WORK]  Employment opertunities wanted, offered, queries, general outlook
> [PORK]  Sex and all its variences
> [BORK]  Bearlyunderstandable (norquist, latenight whore, misc ramblings)
> [XORK]  eXtropian rants

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