NYTimes.com Article: Pillagers Strip Iraqi Museum of ItsTreasure

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Tue Apr 15 02:21:57 PDT 2003

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Mark Day wrote:

--]I appreciate the noble goal.  But I'm a little worried that this is the
--]start of a slippery slope in which only that which can be digitized is worth

You guys need a hefty knock on the head from Basho's EitherOrStick.

You dont ever, ever, let me repeat   EVER put all your egss in one basket.
Archival in the long term is not about just the neat compressed digital
bit methods, it has to be about preserving the artifacts themselves for as
long as possible as well as possible,

For instance, something near and dear to my heart. Old Time Radio. There
are those who say TAP OR NOTHING and others who  say MP3 OR NOTHING but
the truth of it is both work whenthey work best. You keep the masters, or
as low a generation copy as possible, in as many formats as you can get.
Then you cut as pristine a copy as you can on any number of methods and
spread that as far and wide as you can. Think viral.

So you have the platters, the tapes and the acetates all kept as well as can
temporaly be expect for as long as you can in a palce like the LOC or
other such environment where folks can deal with archiving the fragility
of the past. . You then make sure enough folks have copies so that if the
orginals go you can spin off copies at the drop of a hat.

The level after that is the day in day out use copies, the lower grade
mp3s that will fit on a rio volt or a nomad.

If for some reasons Mp3s all get munged to hell iwth legal matters, or an
EMP goes off and all our digi crap is krapoot (yea yea spin with me on
this and insert your own wipe out of digi scenerio) then you can go back
to the master artifacts and get a copy off them in whatever fromat is
dejour usefull.

Hopefully though you can go second tier for that and leae the artifacts
alone as use makes abuse.

The same method for art, movies, the written word, etc etc can be done.

Its not cheap on the artifact level, but if you want the real deal
thats the price.


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