The difference an edit makes

johnhall johnhall at
Tue Apr 15 21:46:44 PDT 2003

Well, I don't think they practice the traditional "Rum, Sodomy, and the
Lash" on American Hunter-Killers.

They kicked some, now they need a chance to go home and get some ...

More seriously, we used a lot of Tomahawk and JDAMs in this live-fire
exercise.  It will take us some time to build more.

> From: R. A. Hettinga [mailto:rah at]

> At 6:09 PM -0700 4/15/03, johnhall wrote:
> >Although Syria seems to be volunteering for a game of Cowboys and
> >Arabs I don't think it will happen, especially in the next 6 months.
> Yup. Gotta send the subs back for more Tomahawks. And Beer.
> As any Jack Aubrey fan will tell you, swabbies won't shoot *anything*
> without rum. Or at least beer.
> :-).
> Cheers,

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