[CORK] A Silver Lining: Bad Times, Good Tunes (INCLUDES FORMULA!)

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 16 14:03:22 PDT 2003

Correction to the formula:

> PS:  in discussion of this hypothesis, Jerry Michalski offered the 
> following equations (para):
>  Q(m) ~ 1/S(t)
> or, the quality of music is inversely proportional to the stress of the
> time
> or maybe: Q(m) ~ k/S(t), where k is the universal musical quality 
> constant

Der.  Of course it's not inversely proportional, it's proportional:

Q(m) ~ S(t) or Q(m) ~ kS(t)

Sic.  But my bad for not catching it.


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