"The government causes all problems" (was: The Economist)

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 16 20:06:23 PDT 2003

R. A. Hettinga:
>Besides, it's not that the free market cures all ills it's just that 
>government *causes* all of them...

It's surprising how far that metaphor can be
pushed. Does the government cause, say, spam?
Well, yeah, it does. It's that whole monopoly
of force thing. Without the State, people would
just do what is natural and right, whacking
spammers as they became too much a nuisance.
Problem solved. But the State says, "you can't
whack people for spamming. Only we get to
apply that solution, and we're not going to
bother with spammers." Problem created.

If you try hard enough, you can find a way to
blame the State for just about everything.
SARS? The Chinese government covered up the
problem from the start. Obesity? Subsidized
roads cause sprawl, which makes people drive
instead of walk, which causes obesity. Female
jealousy? The State apothesizes fidelity by
granting legal importance to marriage. A
water pump impossible to reach? The engineers
put it there because it is a metric module,
and the metric system came from the Government.
And that's also why you need two sets of

Ah, I smell the heady breeze of Anarchy wafting
this way ..

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