[STORK] New NetDrive Wireless Models available

Steve Dossick sdossick at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 15:20:02 PDT 2003

Hi folks,

Since everyone knows that you're supposed to post to FORK about your
company's product releases, I thought I'd post about Martian's new products.

We've added a 120gb model ($479) and a Kit edition to which you can add your
own hard drive.  The kit also comes with a slimline cdrom drive built into
the unit, and an OS install cd (for those who find a linux installation
enjoyable ;)  The kit is $379.

We also added USB printer sharing to the boxes, so you can share a printer
with your network easily.  We've also added Rendezvous support for
advertising the printer sharing and setup pages to Macs.

Get more info: http://www.martian.com

This has been a non-sponsored spamming of FORK.  We now return you to the
(in the words of the immortal Greg Bolcer) "other 97% of FORK which is


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