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he tried mighty hard to convince me he's not insane, so i'm going with (c).

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How stirring, how patriotic, what a fine example of 'New Ugly American 

Perhaps, John, FoRK doesn't want to be on the 'To' line for this 
sophomoric neo-con pablum.  Sell your crazy, chest-beating "Belligerent 
Imperial America' jingo somewhere else.  Of course, that's just my 
opinion.  But to the point:  we all *know* how you feel.  Do you think 
beating everybody on this over the head with this accomplishes 
anything?  Do you think you're *convincing* anybody of anything?

Here's a little multiple-choice quiz:  is John Hall:

	(a)  insane
	(b)  evil
	(c)  a moron
	(d)  all of the above


On Friday, Apr 18, 2003, at 23:45 US/Central, johnhall wrote:

> I guess fork doesn't want to be on the 'Bcc' line.
> =============
> Eleven thousand soldiers
> lay beneath the dirt and stone,
> all buried on a distant land
> so far away from home.
> For just a strip of dismal beach
> they paid a hero's price,
> to save a foreign nation
> they all made the sacrifice.
> And now the shores of Normandy
> are lined with blocks of white
> Americans who didn't turn
> from someone else's plight.
> Eleven thousand reasons
> for the French to take our side,
> but in the moment of our need,
> they chose to run and hide.
> Chirac said every war means loss,
> perhaps for France that's true,
> for they've lost every battle
> since the days of Waterloo.
> Without a soldier worth a damn
> to be found in the region,
> the French became the only land
> to need a Foreign Legion.
> You French all say we're
> arrogant.
> Well hell, we've earned the
> right--
> We saved your sorry nation
> when you lacked the guts to
> fight.
> But now you've made a big
> mistake,
> and one that you'll regret;
> you took sides with our enemies,
> and that we won't forget.
> It wasn't just our citizens
> you spit on when you turned,
> but every one of ours who fell
> the day the towers burned.
> You spit upon our soldiers,
> on our pilots and Marines,
> and now you'll get a little sense
> of just what payback means.
> So keep your Paris fashions
> and your wine and your champagne,
> and find some other market
> that will buy your aeroplanes..
> And try to find somebody else
> to wear your French cologne,
> for you're about to find out
> what it means to stand alone.
> You see, you need us far more
> than we ever needed you.
> America has better friends
> who know how to be true.
> I'd rather stand with warriors
> who have the will and might,
> than huddle in the dark with
> those
> whose only flag is white.
> I'll take the Brits, the Aussies,
> the Israelis and the rest,
> for when it comes to valor
> we have seen that they're the
> best..
> We'll cou nt on one another
> as we face a moment dire,
> while you sit on the sideline
> with a sign "friendship for
> hire."
> We'll win this war without you
> and we'll total up the cost,
> and take it from your foreign
> aid,
> and then you'll feel the loss.
> And when your nation starts to
> fall,
> well Frenchie, you can spare us,
> just call the Germans for a hand,
> they know the way to Paris.
> ================
> Author unknown.

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