The Last Laugh

James Rogers jamesr at
Sat Apr 19 11:48:13 PDT 2003

On 4/19/03 7:49 AM, "Owen Byrne" <owen at> wrote:
> I think most of the world hopes so - but expect a Saddam-like result -
> 99% Bush - the lawyers and judges won the last election - you don't
> think they have a plan for the next one? (which will be the LAST
> one).
> Here's some tips - from the totalitarion handbook - before holding an
> election 
> 1. suspend habeus corpus and lock up people in secret.
> 2. Control the media
> 3. Control the voting apparatus

Ummm, you think this is a new thing?  Some places are much further along
than others. States like California are already effectively totalitarian
regimes in all but name.  Rampant vote fraud, a political party that rapes
the wealth of the state with shocking impunity, felony laws painted so
unavoidably broad that Ashcroft would blush, and laws that make it illegal
to record evidence of government agents in commission of crimes (don't
laugh, whistleblowers have been convicted by unwittingly breaking this law),
for example.  Selective law enforcement has long been a tool of the
political class for dealing with enemies of the ruling party in this State.

Yeah, nothing new under the sun. Everyone is trying to stake out their own
little duchies.

> What amazes me is that a police state could have been installed
> without so little public protest - but then its happened before.

I really don't see it as any different than what goes on in most countries
in western Europe.  If the US is a police state, then so are most of them.
Most people are oblivious to it when it happens in their own back yards
because they are too close to the implementation to really see it.

> Just little tidbit from the fascist news - I find it interesting that
> night-vision goggles can't be sold to the Iraqis but its ok for the
> movie industry to use them - as long as its in support of the police
> state.

I get the impression that you don't know what the hell you are talking about
here.  Anybody can buy advanced night vision, but you can't export it to a
small list of countries. That means you, I, an Iraqi citizen in the US, or
any journalist can figuratively go down the street and buy the latest
greatest military night vision.  But they can't export it to Iraq.

In other words, anybody can buy it as long as you don't export it to one of
the police state regimes on the "do not export to" list.  What is wrong with
that?  The government isn't selective about who can buy night vision, they
just exclude a few regimes.  The US has long restricted export of military
technologies produced by US companies.  But if you live in the US, you can
buy damn near anything the military uses if you fill out the appropriate
paperwork.  For many non-weapon technologies like state-of-the-art night
vision, there isn't even any paperwork.  Cost is the primary prohibitive
factor for most people.

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