Insane evil morons marching to Easter service (was: TheVictor'sRights)

geege geege at
Sun Apr 20 03:27:45 PDT 2003

jh: I think 9/11 was a titanic shift toward people like Bush and it will
last a generation at least.

gg: i'm hoping the shift is titanic, in the nautical tragedy sense.

i think 9/11 would have been a shift toward people like [anyone who happened
to be in leadership at the time].  bush's regime was opportunely enabled to
foist its agenda - iraqi colonization - as "defense."  he owes obl *big
time,* to use the cheney parlance.

> I do see change. There are large numbers
> opposing ideological fanaticism of all stripe,
> in west Europe, and some in the US. I like to
> think the general trend is progressive, even if
> a couple of Great Awakenings and revivals and
> the birth of modern fundamentalism have set
> the US a bit aback. It's hard to see much
> improvement in the Mideast, a region today
> fully dedicated to faith and ideology. And
> that, more than anything, is central to the
> issue of reform there.

jh: If we try but fail anyway, we will have to fall back on convincing the
people of the region (or at last those in the 'Palace') that direct
attacks on the United States is an incredibly bad idea.

gg: it IS an incredibly bad idea, emphasis on "incredibly."  there's still
no proof that we were ever in danger of direct attacks from iraq.

jh: Anyone rational in the Mideast should realize that the best thing to do
with the United States is to say "yes sir", stay quiet, and wait for us
to go home.  If they _do_ that then we _will_ go home.

gg: apparently, they can't say "yes sir" fast enough or offer enough
evidence of compliance, to stave off the bushkrieg and subsequent
occupation.  that's the lesson for the rational.

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