Insane evil morons marching to Easter service (was:TheVictor'sRights)

johnhall johnhall at
Sun Apr 20 01:54:26 PDT 2003

> gg: it IS an incredibly bad idea, emphasis on "incredibly."  there's
> no proof that we were ever in danger of direct attacks from iraq.

Nobody ever said we were, gg.  It wasn't the basis on which we went to

You seem to think we should have treated 9/11 as a crime.  You think we
should only have retaliated against those who were directly responsible
for _this_ action and on which we had evidence that would stand up in

Bad idea.

Here was the better idea: treat it as a real war.  Two regimes that were
enemies of the United States are no more.  Other enemy states have
gotten the idea that given half an excuse they are next --> and that the
people running those enemy states will be some of the first to die.

Big league terrorism requires safe havens and big league support.  The
risk of providing that support has just gone up substantially.

Terrorist camps where people could train in hijacking attempts just got
cleaned out.

Lots of people who wanted to fight the Great Satan came to Iraq, and we
killed them.  The Iraqis are now helping us find the rest.

Oh, and we freed 50 million Muslims from some of the worst oppression in
the world.  That wasn't why we did it, but it was an undeniable result.

A former Iranian prime minister who, I believe, has in the past
advocated developing a nuclear weapon and using it on Israel even
knowing what Israel's response would be now thinks the time to make up
with the US may be at hand.

Syria, see below.

N Korea seems a little more flexible now.

China will have to re-examine the losses it might face from US Airpower
alone should it decide to invade Taiwan.

Any constraints that France might have hoped to place on American power
have been shattered beyond redemption.

The America that didn't do much after the Beirut bombing, or the Cole,
or <insert list of outrages> has vanished.  Our weakness on those
matters was tailor made to invite a 9/11 from the Arab culture.  As far
as I can tell, the Allah of the Koran is _always_ on the side of the
strongest.  That is a powerful lesson.

This is a war, and the best defense in this war is a really good

We happen to have a really good offense.

> jh: Anyone rational in the Mideast should realize that the best thing
> do
> with the United States is to say "yes sir", stay quiet, and wait for
> to go home.  If they _do_ that then we _will_ go home.
> gg: apparently, they can't say "yes sir" fast enough or offer enough
> evidence of compliance, to stave off the bushkrieg and subsequent
> occupation.  that's the lesson for the rational.

Saddam didn't even try.

Assad on the other hand is now refusing entry to any Iraqis that don't
already have visas ...

I don't expect an invasion of Syria.  Blockading the ports, though, six
months from now (unless he shuts down the terrorists) might be in the
cards if we want to push it that far.

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