Insane evil morons marching to Easter service (was:TheVictor'sRights)

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Sun Apr 20 14:42:42 PDT 2003

John Hall:
>Here was the better idea: treat it as a real war. Two regimes that were 
>enemies of the United States are no more. ..

Is that the reasoning now?

You see, John, I don't particularly mind the
fact that we conquered Iraq. What I mind is that
I don't know why we did so, that the administration's
reasoning about it seemed to shift every month
before the action, that we put out a lot of verbiage
about WMDs and created this appearance of working
with the UN that still seems largely a charade, and
that our plans of what to do subsequent to the
conquest seem every bit as clear, focused, and
planned as the political preliminaries.

I still hope. The thing is, John, US Presidents
traditionally try to explain their war to their own
citizens, and motivate them for the effort. In this
case, I feel we -- the American people -- were a
target for disinformation. Maybe that's the idea.
Like the Spanish-American war, we're not supposed
to look too close. Hey, it freed Cuba (sort of, for
a while) and got us the Philipines.

You're reading the neocon script. Is that also our
government's gameplan? If so, I don't see why we
should be getting it from private think tanks,
rather than our government. I have this odd
notion that whatever thinktanks politicians read
and use in making their decisions, after those
decisions are made, we should get the gameplan
and its rationale from those we elected. Is that
too great an expectation?

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