TRIPE (was: Poem)

Elias Sinderson elias at
Sun Apr 20 09:50:46 PDT 2003

johnhall wrote:

>[...] France took the side of our enemy. [...]

You've been parroting inflamatory bits like this (pro-saddam, etc.) for 
a while, and it really does the discussion (and your intellect) a 
disservice. Seeing the world in such black and white terms neglects to 
appreciate the mirad of influences and multidimensionality of the issues 
at hand. Case in point, simply because someone is opposed to current US 
policy in the middle east doesn't mean that they are pro-saddam, or 
taking the side of our enemy, or that they don't support the efforts, 
and respect the lives of the troops deployed there. If you can't see 
this, then I encourage you to look at the issue a little deeper. However 
in vogue it may be to rally around the flag like some nationalistic 
poster boy, doing so only serves to degrade the quality of discussion. I 
respect the fact that you have oppinions, even if I don't agree with 
them. However, it would be nice if I felt like I was talkking to a 
thinking human being instead of some jingoistic lacky mouthpiece of the 
cause du jour. Please don't take this as an attack on your beliefs; 
think of it as a friendly challenge for you to raise the methods of your 
dialectic up a notch or two.

Think, Learn, Grow,

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