Ringo vs. Spinrad, Commie Code, and Bug Hunting

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 20 20:51:25 PDT 2003

R. A. Hettinga:
>By the way, "dialectic" is a commie code word for "discussion", ..

Not quite. It's more a commie code word for the
evolution of History along the particular path
the commie believes is destined, as in dialectical
materialism, as in economic determinism, as in
feudalism turns into capitalism turns into
socialism turns into communism. There IS a
connection to discussion, via the Hegelian
philosophy that History evolves because a social
order contains "contradictions" which are resolved
when the current opposition (antithesis) subverts
the current order (thesis) creating a new order
(synthesis). It is purpuseful that the terms are
those of logic, of discussion. But this is
discussion of society with itself, not just two
people in a bar chatting away.

Like Catholicism, there is a subtlety and a
polish in the ideology. Even if it is all crap.

>We've been under attack since 1972 or thereabouts, but they've gotten good 
>enough to get our attention, and we're fighting back because they really do 
>want to kill us all and take our stuff.

Hey, I'm with you. Let's target the House of Saud
in a bughunt, round up every Wahhabi propagandist
on the Arabian peninsula, house them in Cuba, and
confiscate the money they've been using to fund

Oh, but wait. They're our allies.

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