Ringo vs. Spinrad, Commie Code, and Bug Hunting

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At 7:51 PM +0000 4/20/03, Russell Turpin wrote: 
>R. A. Hettinga:
>>By the way, "dialectic" is a commie code word for "discussion", .. 
>Not quite. It's more a commie code word for the evolution of History
>along the particular path the commie believes is destined, as in
>dialectical materialism, as in economic determinism, as in feudalism
>turns into capitalism turns into socialism turns into communism.
>There IS a connection to discussion, via the Hegelian philosophy
>that History evolves because a social order contains
>"contradictions" which are resolved when the current opposition
>(antithesis) subverts the current order (thesis) creating a new
>order (synthesis). It is purpuseful that the terms are those of
>logic, of discussion. But this is discussion of society with itself,
>not just two people in a bar chatting away. 

No. He was, actually, standing at the bar, chatting away, viz: 

At 8:50 AM -0700 4/20/03, Elias Sinderson wrote: 
>Please don't take this as an attack on your beliefs; think of it as
>a friendly challenge for you to raise the methods of your dialectic
>up a notch or two. 

As I was saying before I was pedantically interrupted, "dialectic" is
a commie code word for "discussion". I sat through enough philosophy
classes (as, god help me, an undergraduate philosophy major at a
midwestern state school in the late 1970's, where Marxism was treated
as if it was actually philosophy...) to know what Hegel wrote. 

I also know the difference between "dialectic", which is commie for
"discussion", and "dialectical materialism", which is commie for
"epistemology", and/or "metaphysics", if not actually "philosophy",
as used in the following sample commie revision of the scholastic
sentence, "philosophy is the handmaiden of dialectical materialism".
(See, feudalism and communism *are* interchangeable. ;-)) 

While we're being pedantic, you also have your historical series
wrong, of course. Communism is, as Russell said in his more lucid
moments, politics for aristocrats and their retainers. As such, it is
mere feudalism, or at the very least, an attack on the "petit
bourgeoise", or, if you remember my previous translation, "people who
work for a living". If you don't believe me, ask your average
now-ex-apparatchik in the former Socialist Worker's Paradise where he
got his apartment, dacha, and shopping privileges from. They
certainly didn't *earn* it. It was part of their grace and favour for
the toffs, just as sure as a welfare check is maundy money for the

So, commie codeword "history" above, is translated, "feudal,
economics, feudal". Fat chance, in other words. 

Finally, speaking of feudalism...

At 7:51 PM +0000 4/20/03, Russell Turpin wrote: 
>Hey, I'm with you. Let's target the House of Saud in a bughunt,
>round up every Wahhabi propagandist on the Arabian peninsula, house
>them in Cuba, and confiscate the money they've been using to fund

*You* could say that, I couldn't *possibly* comment. 

"First you have to beat them in a *war*, you see, *then* you need all
these troops with nothing better to do, and then, after *that*..." 

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