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I don't think this follows.  The Democrats need a wholesale change in
leadership.  The Republicans need to throw a bone to some of their major
constituent bases west of the Rockies.  The administration has plenty of
time to throw western Republicans a bone, but I think the Democrat Party
issues are much more serious.

Again this is a regional cultural issue.  The Republicans east of the
Rockies generally like right-wing socialism; and seem to be lock-step with
the current administration.  The Republicans west of the Rockies are
generally have a much more jaundiced eye when the Federal government
involves itself in *anything* domestic and therefore have not been
particularly happy with the actions of the current administration.

Good targeted bones to shore up western Republicans off the top of my head
would be things like:

- a major overhaul and reform of Federal land management policies and
practices.  For a double bonus, return some of the BLM land to the states,
which could desperately use it.

- Remove some of the more vile attributes of the Endangered Species Act,
making it a meaningful tool rather than a political and legal weapon that
has nothing to do with endangered species.

- Block the Yucca Mtn nuclear repository project.  I actually agree with
this project in principle, but this carries an inordinate amount of weight
with both Democrats and Republicans in the west.  Note that while I agree
with the project scientifically, the political manner in which it was done
was despicable in many important respects which has a lot to do with the

The Democrats have much more serious problems.  In some parts of the
country, the national platform is diametrically opposed to the platform of
some of the local party organizations, to the extent that it is very
difficult to be associated with that party.  A State Democrat says one
thing, but the national Party states something completely opposite.  The
Democrats need to move to the center or become pretty vague very quickly or
they are hopelessly lost in my opinion.  You can't get votes from the entire
country on such a narrow declarative platform.  The Republicans figured this
out, but apparently the Democrats have forgotten.

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