Democrats! Bah, humbug. (was: The Last Laugh)

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Sun Apr 20 22:49:33 PDT 2003

On 4/20/03 8:58 PM, "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at> wrote:
> The problem with that line of thought is that our
> diversity is not geographically focused. Even if
> California, for example, had greater freedom to
> do things as it would, IT is so diverse that
> those groups would still complain about the
> "small cultural fraction" that determined things
> in Sacramento.

It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be a lot better.  People in San
Francisco have no more right to set policy for people in Montana than people
in Mississippi have a right to set policy for people in Manhattan.  The
problem is that is exactly what is happening.  Diversity is very much
geographically focused and more true locally than across bigger regions --
essentially standard network effects.  The average person in Mississippi has
far more in common with their neighbor or a person from Louisiana, no matter
what their political ideology, than they do with the average Manhattanite.
Political ideologies and affiliations tend to be a very superficial
indication of culture and character of a region, which tends to be far more
uniform.  For many people, some other American living 3,000 kilometers away
might as well live in another country for all that it matters politically.

You shouldn't have a vast country that is essentially governed by a
political monoculture.  There may be disagreement at regional political
levels, but at least the disagreements would be over reasonably
representative issues of that region.  And it would also create a market.

The problem is that people in some parts of the country are given the choice
between two options that don't represent ANY of the viewpoints of that
region.  That is how you end up with festering regional political problems
like the Sagebrush Rebellion, where people are grossly abused by one party
and utterly ignored by the other.

Yeah, what we have now is a hell of a solution.

-James Rogers
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