The Last Laugh

James Rogers jamesr at
Sun Apr 20 23:24:15 PDT 2003

On 4/20/03 9:58 PM, "Jeff Bone" <jbone at> wrote:
> There's something particularly telling in how riled up the GOP got,
> considering that Clinton accomplished a lot of what these guys had been
> selling for years:  balanced budget, welfare reform, decreased size of
> gov't, etc.

That's a bit of spin, now isn't it.  It is ironic that he thoroughly trashed
and defunded one of the few arguably legitimate institutions of the Federal
government: the military.

Clinton was mostly harmless, primarily because he didn't do that much,
though his priorities were certainly questionable.  In the long run, he'll
be one of those many unmemorable Presidents that we've had.

Most of the politicians of the '90s were forgettable and uninteresting.
Actually, Newt Gingrich always intrigued me, but he got tossed by his own
party pretty early on.


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