Democrats! Bah, humbug. (was: The Last Laugh)

Tom tomwhore at
Mon Apr 21 03:05:36 PDT 2003

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]You've got a choice to make, Russell.  A Dem or 4 more years of Bush
--]II.  Think hard about it.

kYea, think hard then think beyond the obvious choices. You can cave in
and eat the steak, or you can hold on to your ethical testicular
fortitutde and hope that your courage will get others to think about doing
it the next time around rather than holding thier nose and boting for
turd1 or turd2

Algore had is own damn problems that were made veryvery clear int he
years he was playing Ed McMahon to Clinton. What he would have done in
this time could have been better or it could have been worse. It owuld
have been differnt, maybe, but it still would have the turd algore
complete with PMRC, Clipper chip, bald face ecolying, beltway fineagling
and tons more crap.

So dont buy this whole "Ya see, you all but voted in Bush and he is worse
than Gore" becuase the case can not logicaly be made without Mr Peabody
and his wayback machine, which last I heard was much like Al Gore being
the savoiur and April Levine being a fiction.

Its like the fucked up chicked inthe mvoie the Crow said " I like the
pretty lies the best"

America, home of the pretty lies.

Meanwhile, we will get more of the same until and unless folks are willing
to stand up and declare the two party system we have as one of the
problems in why we get crappy leaders, crappy choices and crappy

The solution to the problem is not to continue supporting it. You may have
all the learned reasons in the world and a DVD of txt and pdfs to make it
go down smoother, but the bottom line is its fucked and your fucked if you
support it.

I will say the take on propostions, citizen ititive ballots and the like
making for better choices is spot on. More of that talk please and less of
this bullying to support your personal twoparty junk habit.


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