The Last Laugh

Jeff Bone jbone at
Mon Apr 21 14:22:03 PDT 2003

On Monday, Apr 21, 2003, at 00:24 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> On 4/20/03 9:58 PM, "Jeff Bone" <jbone at> wrote:
>> There's something particularly telling in how riled up the GOP got,
>> considering that Clinton accomplished a lot of what these guys had 
>> been
>> selling for years:  balanced budget, welfare reform, decreased size of
>> gov't, etc.
> That's a bit of spin, now isn't it.

Not at all.  I say he gets the credit for these things, because unlike 
other, less moderate presidents of both stripes he played the 
bipartisan game really well to accomplish these very "Republican" 
things.  Indeed the left elements of his own party were pissed off at 
e.g. the welfare reform stuff, and *Bob Dole* was pissed off about the 
balanced budget thing because he felt that it should've been a 
Republican who achieved that.

The extremist GOP hated Clinton because, in fact, he was the kind of 
"Republican" that plays to the crowd in Peoria.  They despised him 
because he effectively unbundled (many) concerns and allowed moderates 
a real leadership voice for the first time in decades.

>  It is ironic that he thoroughly trashed
> and defunded one of the few arguably legitimate institutions of the 
> Federal
> government: the military.

The military was too big and grossly wasteful coming out of the Reagan 
era.  We probably overcorrected, but given the excesses of the 80s (and 
the achievement of our goals, i.e. running the Sovs into bankruptcy) it 
was warranted.

> In the long run, he'll
> be one of those many unmemorable Presidents that we've had.

Yeah, well, we'll see.  It's comments like this, James, that despite 
your protestations make it clear that you're the Secret Dittohead in 
the group, here.  Clinton will be remembered if for no other reason 
than he occupied the office during the unprecedented, remarkable 90s.  
To believe otherwise betrays some desperate animosity towards the man.

FWIW, I agree about Newt.


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