Cracks (was: Insane evil morons marching to Easter service)

Jeff Bone jbone at
Mon Apr 21 15:07:52 PDT 2003

On Monday, Apr 21, 2003, at 13:57 US/Central, Russell Turpin wrote:

> Jeff Bone:
>> Where will I run?  Russell, you of all people should have a good 
>> idea.  What geographic environ has the least possible chance .. of 
>> actually being able to enact some kind of individually intrusive 
>> legal regime?
> Jeff Bone, the vagabond?
> There are all sorts of crevices in legal
> regimes, and people who find inside a little
> space for temporary respite, or even more
> permanent niche. It's only partly a matter
> of geography. Alas, those crevices are
> narrowing, and the purchases within them for
> a tent or workbbench are becoming ever more
> tenuous.

Well, think "wet."  Pirates have been exploiting these particular 
loopholes for centuries.  Yeah, it's not perfect escape, but the stats 
are in favor of those who seek this particular asylum.  NB, it's worth 
noting:  freedom is mostly in the mind.  But some conditions and 
locales tend to be more accommodating for those seeking a free state of 

That is, you can build a T.A.Z. anywhere.  But location has a lot to do 
w/ the durability of the T.A.Z., i.e. just how "T" it is.  I'm under no 
illusions of being able to create a personal P.A.Z...  but I'll settle 
for a long-running T.A.Z. with fewest intermittent disruptions. ;-)

> And they don't connect. To get from one
> crevice to another you have to stick your
> head out and pass inspection. I wonder if
> anyone here knows what a zarpe is? "It is
> surprising how much room there is in nature
> -- if a man will follow his proper path."
> It's the corners where the problems lie. ;-)

The major preoccupation of Russell's life... ;-)


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