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Even if the killing was premeditated, these were hardly innocent civilians.
As I recall they had plenty of guns and had been taking shots at the various
law enforcement personnel arranged around the building.  If I were to start
shooting at police officers I wouldn't expect to live very long.

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> Once again, a Pleasant thought (
> At dawn on April 19, 1993, and throughout the morning, tanks rammed holes
> in the main building and pumped (in the FBI's words) "massive amounts" of
> CS gas into the building, despite knowing that inside were more than a
> dozen children. The tanks demolished parts of the compound and created
> tunnels for the wind to blow through. The buildings at this point were
> saturated with inflammable CS gas and spilled kerosene. Around midday two
> U.S. military pyrotechnic devices were fired into the main building,
> igniting a fire which (because of the holes in the walls allowing the wind
> to gust through) spread rapidly through the complex of buildings and
> became an inferno. 74 men, women and children died, including twelve
> children younger than five years of age. Fire trucks were prevented by the
> FBI from approaching the inferno. After the compound had burned down the
> BATF flag was hoisted aloft to signify 'victory'. Subsequently the
> burned-out ruin was razed in an attempt to remove all evidence of this
> premeditated murder of innocent civilians by agents of the U.S.
> government.

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