Clinton Era Fun

Jeff Bone jbone at
Mon Apr 21 17:18:37 PDT 2003

On Monday, Apr 21, 2003, at 16:03 US/Central, Tom wrote:

> Once again, a Pleasant thought (
> At dawn on April 19, 1993

Yup, that was particularly ugly.  (NB it was during this time that I 
was most opposed to Clinton.)

But Waco (and Ruby Ridge, for that matter) was a small-scale, low-grade 
kind of ugly, the kind of ugly that results from ineptitude and law 
enforcement bullies run amok;  nothing like the desperate, "Scorched 
Earth" war Bush / Cheney and friends are waging against America, its 
Constitution, the economy, and the rest of the world.  And IMHO the 
balance sheet reads overall in Clinton's favor, while I'm hard-pressed 
to find things to put in the "assets" column for Bush II.  Even Bush 
II's big issue that I should be totally down with --- his tax cuts --- 
don't sit well with me, as they're (a) not well-targeted to actually 
achieve any significant economic reversal, and (b) foolish given that 
they aren't coupled to budget cuts, but rather *increases.*


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