Clinton Era Fun

Tom tomwhore at
Mon Apr 21 18:37:05 PDT 2003

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]But Waco (and Ruby Ridge, for that matter) was a small-scale, low-grade
--]kind of ugly

Dude, the were the begining of, or more likely the continuation, of the
Armed Enforcement of the Goverments Will. You think Corps hope to surpress
the popuylace WITHOUT enfrocement? Do you think Clinton Helped or Hurt the
RIAA in gaining footholds in being able to aim courts and armed agents at
thier targets?

Reno Clinton did some damn ugly and brutal things and paved the way for
the ability for the current cast of clowns to do things like the Patriot
Acts I, II and III

Each Admin does not work in a vacum, they feed off of what has come before
and leave fertile ground for the next regime to follow.IF clinton was
anything more than just another represive federalist then maybe things
would have been more difficult for things to have gone as they did, maybe
it would have been enough of a speed bump to give folks a chance to stop
and breath.

But no, supported by the two party cheerleaders its just one endless cycle
of Cheers and Jeers at the expenes of any real social workings.

And thats ok, so long as you remeber to wear the proper uniform (diitohead
outfitters to the right and liberal bannna republic to the left) and make
sure you mouth the proper words...

Jezz, why not just ware big smiley face neame tags .. HI IM _______ AND I
AM A ()Democrat  ()Republican

And folks mak fun of the Coke Pepsi wars:)-

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