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> A first cut at a solution is a webservice that
> (a) assigns anyone who requests it a public
> encryptiong key, PK, which also acts as a
> permanent identity,

What's the value of having this centralized?  Just create yourself a
public key and hand it out to everyone.  You can put it on keyservers,
but there's no need for there to be a One True Keyserver.  Therefore
no one can monopolize key service.

> Contact management software
> then uses the PK to update contact information
> as it changes.

Ah, there's the problem.  People mostly don't have any contact
management software, and what they have does not use a public key as a
unique identifier (or, generally does not have any way to store it at
all).  And they mostly don't care.

Your real problem is convincing people that the AOL Buddy List is not
a good way to keep a list of their buddies.
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