How the archive treats URIs

Jeff Bone jbone at
Thu Apr 24 23:15:49 PDT 2003

On Thursday, Apr 24, 2003, at 16:33 US/Central, Gregory Alan Bolcer 

> Hey Jeff,
>  You realize that if you just cut and paste the
> URL it doesn't actually get stuck in the archive right?

I just checked, and either (a) Greg's wrong, or (b) I misinterpreted 
the comment, Greg's telling me that the representation of the URI 
doesn't get transcluded.  If (b) well, duh, Greg, I didn't think that.  
I was just wiring up links for PageRank and future link topology-based 
tools. :-)  I realize I might've confused Greg w/ the Slashdot comment; 
  my intent wasn't to get the *content* into the archive to avoid 
/.-effect, merely to get the links in place for Google's eventual 
benefit...  the comment was offered as a warning to folks that the 
links might not work due to congestion from /.

In case there's any residual confusion --- simple URI strings in a text 
mail message to the list are transformed by mailman (what we use here) 
into an <a> element when rendered as HTML.  So you can have your cake 
and eat it to, which is what I thought until Greg rattled my cage.



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