Montana governor wants libertarians to move to Idaho ..

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Fri Apr 25 13:26:30 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone:
>This *is* 2003.  For many industries and trades, geography of home base 
>doesn't matter anymore?

For the high-tech industry, it depends on a
critical base of people, and often infrastructure
for them, such as schools, venture capital, etc.
San Jose, Austin, Lapore. 20,000 Free Staters are
unlikely to bring enough with them. Maybe. And
they might bring a company or two. But would it
be enough to change the economic character of the
island? I don't know.

>My folks have an interesting story about Tortola. (Yeah, I know that's 
>BVIs...maybe that's a consideration?) ..

ABSOLUTELY. The BVIs and USVIs are quite different.
I only saw a little of the BVIs, but everyone who
knows both says they are very different in
character. That may seem odd, since they are a
short ferry ride apart. But that happens with
islands. Different history, different government,
different character.

So maybe the Free Staters should target the BVIs,
and change its character.

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