Montana governor wants libertarians to move to Idaho ..

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At 4:15 AM +0000 4/25/03, Russell Turpin wrote: 
>If the Free State group wants a Caribbean island, Montserrat might
>be an easier target. 


Been there. Done That. Wait for the Video.
<>, <>,
<>, <>. 


I spent kindergarten, first, and second grade in St. Thomas, too. 

"A place in the sun for shady people," my mom the bookkeeper said. My
mom's favorite story was about a friend of hers, who, finding some
nice fabric in the millinery story, started making curtains out of
it. When the shop ran out, they ordered more, and waited the usual
three months for delivery. When the shop ran out again, my mom's
friend asked them when they were going to get more, and the lady
behind the counter said, "Don' carry it no more. Couldn' keep it in

My Pop, who built sailboats for fun, and big houses on hillsides for
rich people for a living, went through almost 90 people to get a
12-man construction crew he could use, and actually went after a
lumberyard "worker" with a machete when the guy peeled *all* the
careful wrapping off a whole pallet of custom walnut paneling Pop had
ordered and waited 6 months for. The stuff didn't slide well when
being stacked in the warehouse, you see, and, with all that paper
off, it slid *real* well on the lumber below it, shiny side down...
They had to physically restrain my old man. Next stop, Corpus
Christi. The water's muddy and the humidity's fer shit, but the wind
blows a lot and the sailing's great... :-). 

The free state thing might be fun, but remember *other* people live
there, too, and if you don't understand what that means, I have one
one word for you: Rashneeshpuram.

You guys code for a living. Write code that dissolves force
monopolies with free markets, and you'll free yourself in the
process. Even better, you'll make lots of dosh. Rich people are free
wherever they live.

After Corpus, it went: El Paso TX, Anchorage AK, Ballwin MO, Columbia
MO, Chicago (Winnetka, Old Town, Gold Coast, Wrigleyville, Hyde
Park), Somerville (Teele Sq), Boston (St. Botolph), Brookline, Boston
(Roslindale). I'm looking at the Big Island next, and I'll have all
four corners, plus the middle, checked off, and I can die. (Of course
the Big Island has something like 5 or 6 biomes...) :-). 

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