Prince Charles gets nervous, neo-Luddite meme gathering steam

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Mon Apr 28 14:51:28 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone wrote:

> You're making assertions for which you have no basis data.  (Actually, I 
> don't think I've EVER visited that site. :-)

All the major stories on that site magically showed up
as FoRK threads and I know some of the FoRKers are also
on one of those lists.

> Duh, tell me something else I already know.  (Why in the world did you 
> feel compelled to say that?  Did I give you any reason to think I was 
> confused about this?  Nano is piece of the puzzle, and possibly not even 
> an essential piece.)

Someone posted a link to a story about one and argued about
the other.   Bait and switch?

> Depends on how big the sample set is and what definitions you use for 
> "human" and "unique."  (And no, I'm not just being obtuse.  Those 
> definitions are key to e.g. Ship of Theseus arguments.)

If a guy sitting at a radar screen can't tell the difference
between a B2 radar signature of an actual plan flying around
in the sky and a spook plane being projected hundreds of
miles off from another plan, does that mean they are the
same signal?  One's manufactured, the other's real.

I like the "Mind's Eye" story of "A conversation with
Einstein's Brain".

  "Hofstadter and Dennett have uncovered some of the quirkiest writings 
one is ever likely to find. In the fiction pieces, non-fans of Science 
Fiction are likely to change their mind regarding this genre after 
reading such selections as 'The Story of a Brain' which plays with the 
reductio ad absurdem in the idea that each component of the brain can be 
successively replaced as long as the correct electronic flows are 
simulated for the holder of the brain to retain his personal identity, 
'Where am I?' by Dennett himself which is about a prosthetic brain and 
the somewhat touching 'The Soul of Martha, a Beast'."


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