[CORK] Reality TV fans, take note

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Tue Apr 29 00:22:56 PDT 2003

 From Boing*2:

All reality, all the time: New 24-hour "Reality-TV" network to launch

A new television network dubbed "Reality Central" is reportedly being  
developed by E! TV co-founder Larry Namer with businessman/former  
reality show contestant Blake Mycoskie. The format: 'round the clock  
"reality" programming. It's scheduled to launch early next year. That  
gives me plenty of time to stock the house with remedies for  
spontaneous vomiting fits.



Now, granted, this bit wasn't posted by Cory, and I know the editorial  
views expressed do not represent blah blah blah.  But I find it  
incongruously entertaining (? ;-)  that a guy who clearly needs therapy  
for his little amusement park fetish and his craphound tendencies would  
let somebody stomp something as gloriously pedestrian as Reality TV on  
his site.  ;-)

In defense of Reality TV:

(1)  It rocks because, let's face it, narrative TV had pretty much  
finished its run.  It's a comparative "rocks."
(2)  Real people in novel contrived situations are more interesting  
than tired pros in tired contrived situations.
(3)  There's not enough new, interesting content on Bravo, Discovery,  
and TLC to keep Tivo occupied.
(4)  Weren't we talking about simulations and the nature of "reality"  
already? ;-)



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