[CORK] Reality TV fans, take note

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Tue Apr 29 15:53:06 PDT 2003

JB> In defense of Reality TV:

JB> (1)  It rocks because, let's face it, narrative TV had pretty much  
JB> finished its run.  It's a comparative "rocks."
JB> (2)  Real people in novel contrived situations are more interesting  
JB> than tired pros in tired contrived situations.
JB> (3)  There's not enough new, interesting content on Bravo, Discovery,  
JB> and TLC to keep Tivo occupied.
JB> (4)  Weren't we talking about simulations and the nature of "reality"  
JB> already? ;-)

Hadta Respond to this.

Honestly, I hate reality tv.  Its boring. Its for the most part pretty
people acting like asses on TV to the love and adoration of people
vicariously wishing they were on TV (or glad they're not).   I tended
to shy away from the Survivor, Bachelor-style pretty people circus,
and had ruled all reality programming out until I saw this odd little
quirky -- even sadistic program called Manor House.  Its on PBS and
WGBH Boston decided to have a show of it last night.  2 Hours of 18
very modern 21st Century people living in a giant manor and playing
the role of Master and servant.   With all the amenities of 1908
British Manor living.  Its capitvating.   Two hours had me glued to
the TV, unable to watch anything else.  IT was really fun to watch
people suffer and go through the total sea change that such an
environment would bring.  Otherwise equal parties began to show a
class difference -- almost over night.   Servants weren't allowed to
look at their masters in the eye, and imposing such archaic class
distinctions really takes its toll on the psychology of the

What's great is, unlike the regular reality pap, it has function.  I
was really drawn in all the history that the narrator would go over --
why the people were to act the way they did, what the roles of the
individuals were, why they were still heating the house with coal :-).
 ITs reality TV for the FoRK-set.



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