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Tue Apr 29 17:43:21 PDT 2003

> So what is the status of cannibal animal feed?  And what 
> about those hormones -- are they still legal over here?

Hormones are legal.  Cannibalistic animal feed is *mostly* illegal and has
been for some time, but there are certainly very limited exceptions as far
as I know (those exceptions being for only a couple animal derivative parts
and with a certain amount of required processing before serving to the

One thing that I did learn from having a ranch where there are lots of
free-range cattle and wild animals to observe is that virtually all animals,
even nominal herbivores, are opportunistic carnivores and often times
cannibalistic at that.  Left to their own devices in the wild, a lot of
animals engage in substantially different behavior than popular myth would
lead people to believe.

Calves in particular seem to find dead critters tasty when left to their own
devices out in the wild and will actually chase down morsels (clumsily, but
with occasional success).  Blew my mind the first time I saw it, but I've
seen enough odd dietary patterns that I've come to suspect that *most*
animals have a taste for meat (sometimes not very selective either), but
most aren't built to procure their own.   

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