[SPORK] Holy Shiite! US pulling out of Saudi Arabia

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Tue Apr 29 20:27:28 PDT 2003

 From the Beeb:



The United States has said that virtually all its troops, except some 
training personnel, are to be pulled out of Saudi Arabia.

The decision was confirmed by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld 
during a joint news conference with Saudi Defence Minister Prince 

Both men stressed that there were no differences between their 
countries and their co-operation would continue.

Ever since the 1991 Gulf war, the US has had about 5,000 troops 
stationed in Saudi Arabia - a figure that rose to 10,000 during the 
recent conflict in Iraq.

"This does not mean we have requested them to move"  -- Prince Sultan, 
Saudi Defence Minister

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