Chandler and REST

Jeff Bone jbone at
Wed Apr 30 00:19:48 PDT 2003

I downloaded Chandler 0.1 tonight to give it a spin, and I've got to 
say:  on Mac OS X at least, and I think probably elsewhere, it's far, 
far, far from ready to even demonstrate whatever it is it's supposed to 
demonstrate.  0.1 indeed.  I'm probably going to wipe it and will wait 
for, oh, maybe 0.8.

Now, I wasn't expecting fully cooked --- but I wasn't expecting this.

On the source side, the CVS repository's already mess and there's a lot 
more code there than it seems there ought to be at this point.  Bloat 
is death, particularly in Python.  (Not because you can't build big 
systems in Python --- I have and am --- but because you have to try 
*really* hard to make things big LoC-wise right off the bat in Python, 
and if you "succeed" at that, you're probably some things wrong.)  At 
this early stage of this project, this doesn't look good --- more 
"Spruce Goose" than "Gossamer Albatross."  I hope it flies.

I've got big hopes for this thing, but I'm already leery.  We'll see 
--- fingers crossed.  Just more first impressions than any deep opinion.


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