[SPORK] Weird definition of "draining the swamp"

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 30 11:44:37 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Apr 30, 2003, at 10:20 US/Central, Owen Byrne wrote:

> And of course US organized crime

This administration ***IS*** US organized crime, on a blatant, Grand 
Guignol scope and scale never before seen on this planet.  The mob is 
so passe --- if you really want to be a bad guy, run for President of 
the United States.


PS - OB_SOPRANOS:  Bush is Junior.  Cheney is Tony.  Rumsfeld is 
Paulie.  Ashcroft is Ritchie.  Wolfowitz is Ralphie.

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