[SPORK] Weird definition of "draining the swamp"

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Wed Apr 30 13:51:33 PDT 2003

Owen Byrne wrote:
>> Just to be clear, you are saying that the US oil companies will go in, 
>> pump the oil, load it on a ship and bring it back to the US of A w/o 
>> paying the Iraqis a dime (much less market price) for their oil?  If 
>> you really believe that, you need to lay off the crack :-)
>> B
> Well just to be clear - the US will go in - pump the oil (untendered 
> contract), refine the oil (untendered contract), ship it or pipeline it 
> to market (untendered contract) and sell the oil (untendered contract). 
> Ask any rock star how that works - 

And how is this different from the deal the Russians and French were 
getting from Saddam the thug?  The French especially were against the 
war because it would break their lock on something like 25% of all Iraqi 
oil reserves. Prior to the war, the French were in favor of lifting 
sanctions against Iraq. Now they believe sanctions should stay in place 
or at best be temporarily lifted. WTF? The simple undeniable fact is the 
Iraqi people will be much better off now than under Saddam.

I sure hope the US of A never falls under a brutal dictatorship like 
Saddam's.  Even if France had the ability to restore democracy, they 
wouldn't. I wonder if Chirac and company are as cowardly in their 
personal relationships?


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